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BLACK RIVER is available in all online music stores (e.g. iTunes and Spotify) or by mailing to

WILD MILD is also still available. Order by mailing to

In 2007 Amalia recorded a solo cd WILD MILD. She and her guitar.

“Being a sound scale, unrestrained and uninhibited. Pulling inward what is heard on the outside and bringing outward what lives inside. Cutting marrow and bone. And soaking up life. And expressing that life for the other to feel it in his guts. To be guided by Amalias voice is to tread into places one will never nor could ever forget.” (Bieke Vandekerckhove, author and zen teacher, after listening to WILD MILD)

In the following years she played together with many different musicians, sharing, learning, as the tales grew richer with life proceeding. Violinist Jozefien Desaever grew to be her musical sister, expressing with sensitive strings what the lyrics evoke. But it wasn’t until Amalias musical family got together for a ‘family concert’ that she gathered her current band members around her. Playing together with both her brothers Peter and Augustijn flowed with such ease, that they soon joined Amalia and Jozefien. Peter on guitars, mandolin and accordion, Augustijn on piano. Playing and singing together is healing and nourishing, and they gladly share this elixir with you.

Last winter the new cd BLACK RIVER was successfully released. These Black River recordings grew wild and rich with every drop added. Father Willem Vermandere came to play along on his clarinet. Viola da gamba virtuoso Thomas Baeté deepened the riverbed. Ambassador of beauty Tom Callens wrote the arrangements and together with Sensitive Sound Engine Ear Pieter-Jan Coppejans he steered the whole recording proces in the right direction: the sea. Double bassist Jan-Sebastiaan Degeyter and drummer Frederik Vandenberghe added their valuable tributary waters bursting with life.

Amalia also works as a mindfulness meditation and yoga teacher, with a strong interest in the growing knowledge provided by the scientific world. Her texts and compositions don’t evade existential themes. Through metaphors, often using images drawn from the natural world, her songs express deep transformational processes in this human existence.

May there be peace amidst the struggle of our human kindness.